We've crafted an exciting class that helps kids 18-36 months grow smarter, stronger, more patient, and more social… all while having FUN!

The best part: You're there with them through it all! All activities get you and your little one engaged together, smiling, laughing, and loving life.

* Please note: Guardians, including nannies, are also more than welcome!



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Fun Toddler Fitness!

We know your precious little one will stumble a lot - and that their fine motor skills aren't so fine yet.

That's why we crafted fun exercises just for them, like jumping without falling, kicking while bending their knees, special punches, and more.

The result: Your toddler has fun - and you get to see them grow.

Challenging Mind Games

Toddlers lose focus easily. That's not a problem!

Our activities help them build focus by paying attention to the task at hand as long as they can. We eliminate distractions to make this easier for them too.

Kids learn how to listen to their instructors, think about what comes next in activities, and follow directions.

Emotional Development

Your toddler has strong feelings - but doesn't understand what causes them.

That means we fully expect everything from temper tantrums to over-the-top excitement.

Our activities embrace your child where he or she is now - and help them develop patience.

Positive Social Interaction

Our group activities help your toddler learn how to share what they're thinking and feeling, respect the other kids in class and their instructors, and use language to get what they want rather than outbursts of emotion.

Plus: They'll make a ton of friends!

This all happens in a nurturing, caring, supportive environment where kids feel they can be themselves.

8 Powerful Skills in Total

Every Class focuses on one of these 8 skills:

1. Stepping

2. Listening

3. Patience

4. Respect

5. Jumping

6. Thinking

7. Following

8. Sharing

We use a blend of fitness activities, fun social games, and more to help your little one
absorb these skills without overwhelming them.

The Best Part: You're There Through it All.

You'll be supporting, engaging, and helping your little one along through every activity.

That way you don't miss a single second of their growth and development.

And you don't miss a single smile either! (And believe me - there are plenty of smiles in every class!)



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